Suggested by the EdTech Zone: Animap your next lit trip!

Oh yeah, I’m summarizing another blog. I just read so many, and discover so many great tools, that I have little time to originally explore and expound. (And yes, my second life, the garden, is thriving this year)

Animaps is a marker tool for students and teachers to use for illustrating  lit trips or historical map stories with markers that move, images, and text that pops up on cue. The ability to string together sequences of locations, events, and information using maps allows students to demonstrate deep levels of learning beyond just what they know.

By design, students use Animaps at higher levels on Bloom’s taxonomy to illustrate literature or historical maps. Teachers are able to extend and enrich content, and they make a great alternative to the overused common slide show application.

Tutorials are available and the tool is free!  What else do you need to know?

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    This looks great. Thanks for sharing. I love using Google Earth but have been moving more and more towards using Google MyMaps more. This looks easy. I will check back in and see how it works.

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