Our Educational Journey into the Future… “to infinity and beyond.”

Educators have expressed a sadness for the ending of the space shuttle program. In the Go San Angelo Standard Times article Last Liftoff Alarms Educators, teachers expressed how they will lose bringing in the excitement of a shuttle liftoff into the classroom.   A concern is that this event or the ending of such events will limit opportunities for our students.

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View of Earth from space [Image]
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I must also admit that I will always have memories as a student and an educator of watching the space shuttle take offs in the classroom, but we can not lose focus of our goal as educators.  Despite changes in the direction of the world’s technological advancements we must use every opportunity to create strategies for students to become lifelong learners and leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s technological advancements.  The world around us is constantly moving forward everyday in technology. As Carrie Stevens, a science teacher in the article stated, “…with all technology, we keep advancing.”

The Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK provides resources to assist teachers with continuing the legacy of future explorations.  There are many lessons and resources developed around space science.  The extent of resources does not stop there.  Lessons and resources are throughout all of the Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK in all of the science curricular areas, from Earth/Space Science to Life Science and Physical Science.  I strongly encourage educators to dive into the techbook and use the opportunity, resources, and lessons to promote our future scientist, engineers, inventors, creators and all other future innovators to explore and develop new ideas, resources and opportunities here on earth, in space and “to infinity and beyond.”

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