You synapses builder, you!

Learning is about access and opportunity.  Learning can appear to be magical, yet it is always about a connection.  The learner’s brain grows new synapses.  Or existing synapses interrelate to/with other existing synapses.  To learn is action: action in the brain.  Even if the new skill is physical – it is about brains growing and changing.

No, I am not a scientist.  I am an: educator, summer camp director, swimming teacher, a first teacher, college professor, an elementary principal, a school district superintendent, a parent and now a grandparent.  My understanding of learning comes from or 45 years of being part of the process of helping young people and adults learn and grow.

The world of today is dynamic and ever evolving.  Information is growing a staggering rate.  There is much to learn.

How can an educational leader not focus attention on dramatically increasing the access and opportunity for all students to learn through technology?

How can an educational leader not invest in the development of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of the teaching and administrative staffs related to insuring that the potential of technology within our educational systems be maximized?

How can we not find ways to provide our students with the opportunities technology affords for connecting their brains to and with a multitude of learning opportunities?

Let’s access stimulating technology and build some synapses today!


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