DE Support Field Day Extravaganza!

The end of last month, the Level 1 Support team challenged the Marketing team (reinforced by Level 2 support) to a friendly Summer Field Day! Complete with water balloon tosses and Frisbee Golf!

Our most challenging game, “Crossing the Great Divide”, which required both teams to stand in a line with all team members feet touching.  The team had to get past the great divide without anyone’s feet losing contact with the feet of the player next to them.

We then continued on to a hula hoop roll contest, then Frisbee golf, whiffle ball toss and a water balloon toss.

The water balloon toss, was by far my favorite part, because everyone got to participate and my team happened to win the round!

Our team was neck to neck with the Marketing team till the final Relay Race. They  pulled ahead for the win in the end due to their three legged race and Frisbee skills.

Although, the Support team didn’t take home the trophy (or in this case candy) everyone had a great time.  We, will just have to be more prepared for next years’ Field day games!

Additional Photos :


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