Transformational Change in Support of the Common Good

[Effective] “Leaders realize that humans grow intellectually through resolving differences, achieving consensus, and stretching to accommodate dissonance.  They realize there is greater possibility for making connections, stimulating creativity, and growing the capacity for complex problem solving when such differences are bridged.  Interdependent learning communities are built, not by obscuring diversity, but by valuing the friction those differences bring and resolving those differences in an atmosphere of trust and reciprocity.”~ Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick Learning and Leading with Habits of the Mind (2008)

As we embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future, we will encounter different opinions, different frames of reference and various levels of flexibility.  Yet, by not embracing the realities of creating a positive future and/or attempting to avoid the real work ahead then we will be – by default – holding onto the status quo.  Incremental change will not yield the transformative outcomes either.  So, steering clear of the real work (of resolving differences, achieving consensus, and stretching to accommodate dissonance) or by only taking very small steps in the direction of transformative change will keep us from achieving the opportunities the future holds.


My argument is that even though it will be difficult – each of us will benefit from being more committed to establishing a sense of our agreed upon “common good” and then working together to achieve it.  The way I see it, this is the only way to leave things better for the future generations.  We need to do this for our children, grand children and great grand children.


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  1. Kass Bates said:

    If only our politicians were capable of doing this!

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