New Webinars – DEN Summer School 2011

Join our DEN team starting August 1 for the DEN Summer School Series!

Participants will explore how to use a variety of Web 2.0 applications, to engage students and help them communicate their knowledge including creatively publishing media-rich digital stories using editable and copyright friendly content from Discovery Education.

These sessions will range from; “Introducing you to the Basics of Digital Storytelling” to “How to Organize Discovery Education Resources.”  You will also have the opportunity to be become more familiar with Windows Movie Maker or Photo Story 3 for Windows in your classroom to engage students.

Feel free to explore the upcoming series and choose the sessions that interest you most!

To register for this series, please log into your active Discovery Education account and click on Professional Development, located right below “My DE” on the left.  On the right you will see Upcoming Webinars.  Or click here to register for this series!


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