DEN Blog Network: Shiny and New, Inside and Out!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have just completed another major upgrade to the DEN Blogs!  Last time around, the upgrades were all behind the scenes.  This overhaul touched on just about every aspect of the blogs, both for the official DE and Leadership Council blogs, as well as your own individual STAR blogs.

  • A new theme for our blog homepage.  This includes new featured content boxes, integrated social media buttons, and the ability to filter front page content by DE Blogs, LC Blogs or recent posts from STAR Discovery Educator’s personal blogs.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of the WordPress blog engine.  That means you have access to all the latest and greatest features WordPress has to offer.
  • More themes.  LOTS more themes.  We went from about 25 themes to more than 100 themes for you to choose from!  When you click on the themes link from the Appearance menu, you’ll a plethora of choices available.
  • User Avatars.  Both bloggers and commentors can register at to create an avatar for the DEN Blogs.  Just be sure to register there with the same email you find in your user profile here (see the Edit Profile link underneath your name in the upper left corner).
That’s just a few of the new features, we’ll be unrolling even more as the dust settles here!  It’s been quite a bit of work, but we think it looks pretty snazzy.  What do you think?  Like the changes?  If so, let us know via the Twitter and Facebook buttons below!


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