iPad Training with the Discovery Mobile App. Is Popular!

On July 26, 2011 nearly 40 Verona Area School District teachers had an opportunity to participate in the district’s first iPad training.  This training is a 2-part workshop, whereby participants receive hands-on training to learn about the importance of mobile devices and how to utilize them in the curriculum.  DEN members Kurt Kneuve, Laura Lindquist, Rita Mortenson and Betty Wottreng led this workshop!
Receiving nearly 250+ iPads in the District, mobile device training was a priority as teachers learn how to utilize the iPad for curricular purposes, and create content on the iPad using Pages, Keynote and other apps.

Of course one very popular app. that was definitely a hit was the Discovery Education Mobile app.  This application allows you to get all the great Discovery content right at your finger tips.  Using the Discovery material on the iPad is definitely an enhancement to mobile learning, and is something that you will want to check out if you have an iPad.

To learn more about the app. you can go to this website.

To use the mobile app. go to this website and bookmark it on your iPad

Submitted by Rita A. Mortenson, WI DEN LC Events Chair, DEN Guru






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