Customer Support’s Day of Discovery – July 27, 2011

Have you had an opportunity to attend a DEN Day of Discovery?  The other week, the Discovery Education support team had the opportunity to have our own personalized Day of Discovery (lite), presented by Matt and Cynthia to better understand some of the unique ways teachers can use Discovery Education resources in the classroom.


Our main focus for the day was on digital storytelling in the classroom, or the practice of using technical tools to tell a story or process in an interesting way.  Cynthia and Matt covered many useful tools for the classroom as we divided into two groups, with one group in Matt’s session and the other in Cynthia’s session and then we rotated sessions.

Matt’s Session:

Matt walked us through additional tools available through an active Discovery Education Account.  For example, through the home page you have access to STEM Connect, Calendar and Discovery Atlas Map (not available with all subscriptions).  Simply click on Teacher Center in the upper left corner.



You will see the additional resources as well as a brief description of each feature:







We also worked with several third party sites such as Wordle and Audiopal.  Through Wordle, we saw how teachers and students alike would be able to create a word cloud that will emphasizes the most frequently used words by making them the largest words featured in the cloud.

Audiopal is a great tool to allow students to hear directions read out loud, in multiple languages. We definitely had some fun with this tool, making our characters speak to each other with various accents and languages.  Where was all this cool stuff when we were in school?

Cynthia’s Session:

During Cynthia’s session we reviewed examples of digital storytelling such as the example below:

Swimming with the Sharks

The two groups each created messages filmed over a green screen to send to our VP to encourage him to provide us with a few extra days off…we were unsuccessful, although our presentations were fun to make and entertained the VP.

We also explored Animoto, Voice Thread and Voki and their uses in the classroom.  Animoto can be used to incorporate a DE video or image with a song to make a music video.  Voice Thread can be used to voice over an uploaded document. And my favorite tool, Voki, can be useful in creating a fun avatar to give instruction or present a lesson.

Other great resources:



Glogster EDU



How do you use digital tools in your classroom?  Stay tuned to see digital projects we created using DE resources and based on our newfound knowledge from our Day of Discovery.