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DEN Summer School was August 1-4. Here are the archives. Just click on the session title.


11am EDT Intro to Digital Storytelling
Lindsay Hopkins
, Discovery Education
This session introduces attendees to the basics of Digital Storytelling and demonstrates simple ways of using the Digital Story format to create and publish.

Resources: Click here.

12pm EDT Organizing Your “Discovery”
Dean Mantz, DEN Guru

Do you ever feel that your classroom lessons and activity resources are as scattered as a bag of marbles dropped on the floor? Join the clean up crew and get organized with Discovery resources. Learn how to organize your Discovery Education resources along with other curriculum resources in a single interactive binder.

1pm EDT 10 Ways to “Digitize” the Science Classroom
Patti Duncan, Discovery Education

What we teach our students about science has not changed much but the way that we do it has. There are many internet based tools for instruction that can be used to bring your science classroom into the 21st century and beyond! This session will look at the essential components of a science class and investigate resources that can be used to accomplish these goals in new and engaging ways!

11am EDT Resources Roundup: Digital Storytelling
Porter Palmer, Discovery Education
Join us for a tour of some of Porter’s favorite Digital Storytelling resources. Together, we’ll take a look at a variety of options for your toolbox. Bring your ideas and we’ll add them too.


12pm EDT Checking for Understanding in a Digital World
Kyle Schutt, Discovery Education

Save time and effort, avoid frustration, and motivate students by leveraging the power of formative assessment in your classroom. After all, research shows that when teachers understand formative assessment processes and students participate in them, BOTH achievement and motivation increase. In this session we’ll learn how digital tools are blurring the lines between assessment and instruction by focusing on learning. We’ll take a look at a suite of Discovery Education tools along with a host of other free web 2.0 resources to find out what your students know so you can teach them what they need.

1pm EDT Science, Literacy and the Kitchen Sink
Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education

How do we design our instructional practices to support more integrated, inquiry-based approaches that foster meaningful and authentic connections between science and literacy? This session will explore how we can utilize technology to bridge science and language arts instruction in ways that will ultimately change the experience of today’s science students. We will look at methods to blend media-rich, interactive, inquiry-based content with creative instructional strategies to engage students in science content while reinforcing literacy skills.

11am EDT Digital Storytelling with PhotoStory/Moviemaker
Cynthia Brown, Discovery Education

Storytelling can be used to frame learning, scaffold content and enable students to imagine new perspectives. Join us as we uncover creative ways Discovery Education media can be harnessed by students to place facts in a meaningful context through the publishing of creative media-rich digital stories using Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story 3 for Windows.


12pm EDT Project-Based Learning and Discovery Education Streaming
Rita Mortenson, DEN Guru

Explore how to implement project-based learning in the classroom and find a variety of ways that you can incorporate Discovery Streaming content into your curriculum. Learn how one high school student made incredible documentaries using iMovie that were then shown at the Apple Store.
Find out how you can create a variety of engaging digital media projects with Discovery Streaming to make projects come to LIFE!


1pm EDT Parks & Science Recreation: Practical Hands-on Experiences
Mike Bryant, Discovery Education

Very often, students do not see a science lab until high school, some even college. This isn’t an excuse to not do hands-on. Students, whether at school or at home, have access to everything they’d need to “get their hands dirty with science”. Join us as we highlight hands-on strategies, lessons and long-term projects that can be done with just a yard/park and a kitchen.

11am EDT Digital Storytelling 2.0
Matt Monjan, Discovery Education

Take digital storytelling to the next level with Web 2.0 applications. Participants will explore how Web 2.0 applications can be utilized as a tool to engage students and harnessed by students to communicate their learning through the publishing of creative media-rich digital stories using editable, copyright friendly content from Discovery Education.


12pm EDT Cure What Ails You: A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the Year
Kathy Schrock, DEN Guru

This session will review the basics of Twitter, talk a bit about the etiquette of Twitter, and explore hundreds of ideas of how Twitter can be used to expand the participants’ personal learning networks and also be used to support the instructional process.


1pm EDT Evaluation: One “E” To Guide Them All
Brad Fountain, Discovery Education

Attendees will learn how to effectively utilize digital tools to create effective formative and summative evaluations. Learn how to using everyday tools you can perform effective formative evaluations on your student’s performance regardless of a students learning style or ability level. Discovery a variety of Web 2.0 resources that can be used in conjunction with resources from Discovery Education to design interactive experiences for your students that provide a system of engaging and easy to manage formative assessment tools. Whether you are a beginning teacher, new to technology integration, or a seasoned techie you will learn new instructional strategies that you can implement in your classroom beginning on day 1.


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