Assessment Thoughts from your LC Members….part 1

Hello DEN Community and welcome to a series of blog posts designated to invoke your thoughts, ideas, and reflections concerning assessment in education.  Over the next few weeks several Leadership Council members have offered to share their thoughts on this popular topic in order to start the conversation.  We can’t wait to read your reflections and respond to your comments as we all learn together!


What is assessment?

-written by Trudi Lawless, FL LC

Someone sent out this question on Twitter recently and the question made me pause. Having been a teacher for over 10 years now, I’ve done a lot of assessing; at least I thought I had. After some thought on the subject, I replied: “Assessment is the process of determining if ‘the package’ has been received in good order”. I think that sums it up for me. Did I do what I needed to do, as a teacher, so that the learning I intended, took place. There’s been a lot of discussion on this topic recently and I’d like to put my vote in for Performance Assessment. I think our generation is in the throes of a paradigm shift and it feels like an earthquake sometimes. The times they are a changing. This has always been true, but our students are just different than any other generation’s students. They have been immersed in a deluge of technology and information. Performance Assessment gives the learning context and relevance. This video sums all this up. Enjoy.