NMNH: There’s An APP for THAT?!

After an amazing week of 21st Century STEM networking at One Discovery Place, working with Siemens and Discovery to advance STEM program development through The Siemens STEM Institute, I wanted to share with you a few of the big surprises that are waiting for you to explore.

We had the unique, exclusive opportunity to get a full day of behind the scenes touring of the National Museum of Natural History. NMNH has a plethora of free information on line for your students to explore. This site offers free classroom resources and interactive web based student activities.

Two interesting free apps that NMNH offers are MEanderthal & Leafsnap.
MEanderthal is a great way to connect your students to the evolution process by using a picture taken from the phone, and converting it to a chosen timeframe of evolution. MEanderthal will give specifics regarding brain development and relative behaviors.

Leafsnap is a free application that is currently for iphone or ipad, but will be available for all androids this fall – so don’t forget about this one! This little application carries a lot of impact! NMNH has compiled enough data regarding the trees in North America. Leafsnap allows you to take a picture of a leaf from a tree, and will retrieve the name of the tree along with the , fruit, seed, flower. So if you always wondered what that tree is in your neighbor’s back yard, just Leafsnap! With each use of the Leafsnap app, NMNH will continue to compile data, creating mappings of the data, improving understanding of the tree biodiversity across America. NMNH will continue to roll out new free apps, expanding to plants…. insects….birds…. Wow. 21st Century learning just keeps getting better!


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  2. Jack Flynn said:

    MEanderthal and Leafsnap is really good app that i recently downloaded from Tutuapp Vip app store and I must say for students like me who can simply now scan and get analysis of the leafs it’s so helpful.

  3. Franklin Louis said:

    I’ve recently received an email from developers of Leafsnap that it has been made available for android as well and can be downloaded from TutuApp Store: https://tutu-app.com/

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