Planning Ahead to Dot Day

Are you a fan of Peter H. Reynolds? If you aren’t sure who he is or about the great things that he and FableVision do for kids and learning, stop reading this right now and go visit his webpage. Seriously. Go!

If you are back, or just still here, then you know that Peter H. Reynolds and Fable Vision are responsible for some amazing kids’ literature that focuses on finding their own creativity, their own stars. He is also an advocate for educators and offers us wonderful resources, like his free, downloadable posters. One of my favorite books of Reynolds’ is The Dot, which has become so beloved around the world that it has become its own day!




Help your students find their own mark by celebrating International Dot Day on September 15, 2011. Read The Dot together as a class and find ways to have students make their own marks. Need some ideas for inspiration and activities? Check out Reynolds’ page for The Dot  at his website. Start planning now! Be prepared to share your mark with other educators in September!


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  1. Julia Young said:

    Hi Kelly — I also wanted to chime in and thank you on behalf of FableVision Learning! We appreciate your getting the news out about International Dot Day. And please do encourage the DEN group to send us examples — we love seeing what students end up creating!

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