Wisconsin Shutterbugs

Can we say “DEN Shutterbugs”??

On Friday, August 5, Wisconsin DEN photo enthusiasts had an amazing day.  Meeting at the Milwaukee Public Market at 9:45 a.m. with cameras of all sorts in hand, approximately 15 Wisconsin DEN members and guests had their 1st Annual Photo walk on the beautiful Milwaukee Riverwalk.

Broadening their photography skills, the group was challenged to take photos of reflections, textures, close ups, signs, water, and more.  A special thanks to California STAR DEN Member Dennis Grice who offered advice and a great scavenger handout for our photowalk.

The entire morning was remarkable.  With our excellent DEN guide, Malena Koplin, leading the way, we had learned so much about Milwaukee and had so much fun.  Not only did we have an opportunity to take photos and learn about the beautiful Milwuakee area, but the DEN members were also very productive planning and discussing events for the upcoming year.  They have a lot of exciting ideas they would like to share with Wisconsin and Illinois DEN members to see what events could be planned.  Stay tuned for more information about those ideas in a future blog post.

After a morning of photography, conversation and fun, the team went back to the Milwaukee Public Market to enjoy a delicious lunch.

We wanted to share some of the awesome photos with you, so I made two galleries below.  The first link is for the Milwaukee Public Market.   The second link is from our actual photo walk.  I also included a group photo as well as one that sort of side tracked us on our walk.  When one of the individuals we meet along they way told us we had to check out the big lady bugs on the building, we just had to take a slight detour.

Photowalk Photos – these are excellent pictures!


Milwaukee Public Market Photos


DEN members who participated include:  Kylie Daemmrich, Di Doersch, Deb Donley, Toni Heinowski, Cathy Houchin, Karie Huttner, Malena Koplin, Rita Mortenson, Naomi Stewart, Rachel Yurk.  We also had a few other great friends join us as well!

Written and submitted by: Rita Mortenson



  1. DENnis Grice said:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time. Wish I could have joined you, but I’m glad I was still able to help out in some small way. Love the detours too! Our last photowalk here in Old Town Orange was all about the detours. Can’t wait to see what you capture in future photowalks. A winter one could be particularly interesting (speaking as someone who lives where we don’t really have a real winter.)

    So where are the pictures of the big lady bugs? 🙂

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