Don’t Miss DEN Back-to-School Webinars!

Starting tomorrow evening and continuing for the next three weeks are the Discovery Education BTS Webinars.  Each week focuses on a different topic.  Topics will be shared twice a week, once on Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST and once on Wednesday at 3:30 pm EST.  Come learn how to set up student accounts for your whole-school, use the Builder Tools, Progress Zone, and Science Assessment Manager to check for understanding, and see ways in which teachers are incorporating a range of web 2.0 tools with DE resources to engage students in learning fun!

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Here’s the lineup this week: Providing Students Access to Discovery Education

Did you know that access to Discovery Education is not just for educators, but for every single student as well? Learn how to provide student access, and in no time they will be exploring videos, images, and more from home, school, or anywhere they have an internet connection. We will highlight enhancements to the My Admin site including a new Classroom Management tool to enable learning outside of the school day.

Next week: Engaging Students with Discovery Education

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students with Discovery Education? Why not put the power of learning at their fingertips through our redesigned Student Center. With unique logins students can browse grade-specific content and access personalized assignments. In this webinar we will demonstrate new ways to deliver resources to motivate students, engage higher order thinking, and achieve curriculum learning goals with the support of the newly released Classroom Manager and Assignment Manager.

and the following:  Supporting the Learning Process with Discovery Education

In our previous webinars we learned how to provide students access to engaging digital content and assignments. Now it’s time to put it all together by demonstrating the creative and effective instructional uses of these tools. During this session we’ll explore different simple and easy tools and practices that you can use to check for understanding and differentiate your instruction. Along the way we’ll highlight the back-to-school enhancements inside Discovery Education STREAMING and Discovery Education Assessment and explore how to assign materials and view results within the unified Classroom and Assignment Managers. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how easy all of these tools can be used to monitor student learning and provide effective instructional feedback!

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