The 2011-2012 school year is rapidly approaching, and I wonder how many districts are discussing the increasingly-popular “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device” approach to technology? Rather than prohibiting these items, this policy encourages students to bring in cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and other mobile technology to be used in the classroom. The advantages of allowing students to integrate their own devices into their education have increasingly been documented, especially with the growing value placed on one-to-one computing. According to eSchool News Online in an article located here, “Research-based benefits of one-to-one mobile learning initiatives might include: [1] Improvements in attendance and discipline, [2] Broader array of learning resources and experiences, [3] Increased frequency and quality of supportive individual and group interactions, [4] Improvements in student and parent attitudes toward the school, and [5] Increases in student achievement.” Please share any discussion of, or experience with, one-to-one computing in your district. In particular, I wonder which types of mobile devices are most effective, which are most disruptive, and what kind of participation districts are having in “BYOD” initiatives.


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