I’ve Stopped Wearing a Watch

I get this cold, clammy feeling when I realize I’m carrying two devices that do the exact same thing. That’s probably why I don’t wear a watch anymore. With one on my phone (microwave, DVD player, car, bank, computer, and office wall) it’s just silly. And a shame because the watch was the ONE GADGET that was actually easy to carry.    

This would have never happened to Dick Tracy. Tracy had the tech savvy to carry everything he needed on his wrist (except his gun), and the good sense to leave everything else back at the office. The guy wore a “wrist radio.” You’re thinking who needs RADIO, but it was way more than that and way beyond watch. It had a microphone, video screen, camera, and it was two-way. That’s huge! I’m pretty sure there was a watch in there too. 

Call it an early social networking device for the people he worked with: criminals, cops, and occasionally the commissioner. And it was fast; it HAD to be. He was stopping crime and needed information pronto, and wasn’t gonna carry a laptop, or iPad, walkie-talkie, or GPS. You’ll never see a speech bubble where Dick asks crooks like Itchy or Mumbles to wait for the thing to boot. They’d shoot him, and so would we. Besides fast, he also needed small, portable, everywhere, all-the-time. Sounds very Web 2.0. 

Imagine criminal records at a glance, artist’s sketches, calendars, schedules, court dates, even the ability to gather evidence from a crime scene with that video camera, all strapped to his wrist. Sort of Armani and Bill Nye, morphed. We all kind of knew that Dick Tracy got it! And maybe we can get it too.

I know, the iPhone does most of this right now, but it’s too big. You can’t wear it, you need a pocket or purse, it’s nerdy, and worst of all, it interferes with your gun arm. Ditto for iPads, but then they’re for rookies who type, follow maps, and read Detective Magazine. 

We need a small, watch-like device, with camera, speaker and mic and the ability to connect with other things, wirelessly.
And that’s the Nano – well almost. 
Three years ago the Nano had a video camera that put Flip out of business, along with radio, speaker and mic, and oh yea, it also was a flash drive!

Two years ago they removed all the features, leaving a really small watch with a touch screen that played music?!

Not surprisingly, everyone wrote this thing off.  People say it’s too small, got my music on my iPhone, iPods are dead, no one wants THAT. But it’s a feint, a sucker punch. Apple could put the features back, add the missing Bluetooth for connectivity and voilá, we all get two-way wrist radios and NO ONE saw it coming. The perfect device to connect to other devices wirelessly.

Don’t ask about a keyboard, you’ll be dictating; forget email and text messaging, you’ll use FaceTime (with mic and video camera); access your computer files like calendars, contacts, and videos from headquarters, er I mean Discovery Education, audio files too, and there’ll be a watch. 

You’ll probably say it’s still too big, but then you’re just holding out for that Decoder Ring we used to carry around.


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