Spotlight on the Georgia DEN LC: Patrice Weaver

 Patrice Weaver

Operations Manager and DEN STAR

Education Services Division

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Patrice Weaver is the Operations Manager of the Education Services Division of Georgia Public Broadcasting.  Prior to being appointed Operations Manager she served as Senior Project Manager and Executive Producer for a variety of video projects.  She has won two TELLY awards for her work.  She is responsible for designing and implementing hands-on technology training for educators in multimedia content that teach to standards.  A DEN STAR Educator, Patrice has delivered professional development to thousands of Georgia educators, for which she receives rave reviews.

In 2010 the Corporation for Public Broadcasting recognized Patrice’s work with the Georgia Department of Education’s Project ExPreSS with an Education Innovation Award.

Before joining GPB Patrice was an award-winning Middle School teacher and Curriculum Support Specialist.  She taught 7th and 8th grade Social Studies and designed Professional Development classes for teachers in topics ranging from Social Studies Methods, Classroom Management, Educational Technology and Leadership Training.  Judith Deiro profiled Patrice in her book TEACHING FROM THE HEART.

Education is a second career for Patrice.  She was a CPA and Fiduciary Accountant for a number of years before returning to Graduate School and getting her Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Instructional Media.

Active in several education and professional organizations, Ms. Weaver is committed to improving the teaching of Social Studies and in helping teachers use technology and media in direct instruction.   An Air Force Brat, Ms. Weaver has lived all over the United States and holds degrees from Merced College, the University of California, Berkeley and Seattle University.



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