Collier County Schools Start the Year with Discovery Education’s Science Techbook

More than 42,000 students returned to Collier County public school classrooms Monday in a district with a new superintendent, 14 new principals, a new science program, new grading system and new college prep courses.

One of the biggest additions is the Discovery science program.

“We’re the first in the nation to adopt it across this many grade levels,” said Curt Witthoff, coordinator of science and environmental education.

The new technology-based program will be used in kindergarten through grade 8. The digital resource is all web based including the techbook instead of textbook. The program does everything from being an electronic book, to video clips and segments, to animated science vocabulary and interactive labs
“It’s a powerful new tool,” Witthoff said.

“I think it’s going to be wonderful,” said Tammy Brown, the new principal at Naples Park Elementary School. “It brings them into the world of technology just a little bit more. It looks very hands on and very engaging for the students.”

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