Conference Solution on the Go

Do you need to have a conference call but aren’t sure of a good route to take? Do your colleagues and friends have a hard time making it onto a web-based conference call, like Skype? Do you struggle with reliable internet, right at the time when you were scheduled for an online meet-up?


Check out Rondee!


Rondee is a free conference call solution that allows participants to join in a pre-set conference while online or from a standard cell phone or home phone. This is a great option for those of us who are constantly on the go. I was even able to participate in the NC DEN LC meeting the other evening from the sidelines of my son’s football practice because I could just call in! This is an excellent option when your colleagues are limited by accessibility, travel or other barriers to making it in front of a computer for a set time.


Rondee is free,  easily set up, available as needed or with scheduled events, and offers free audio recording.  And why might you need to use a conference call solution…

1. Show your students how to set up a study group

2. Have a planning meeting to car pool to an upcoming DEN event in your area

3. Talk with your curriculum or grade level team to decide on a learning event for your classroom (or who is bringing what to the pot luck lunch)

4. Plan a family dinner with everyone at once

5. Talk to other educators about more ways to use Rondee and DE Services


So… will you Rondee?





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