Are You a DEN STAR? You Already Have Four Points in the Membership Season!

Calling all DEN STARs!  In the DEN Membership Season, you’ve got four points already!

Register and start reporting points today!

Here’s How You Win!  The 2011 Back to School Membership Season Line-up:

Be a team player: Attend a Back to School webinar and kick-off the school year prepared with new content, resources and tools at your finger tips! Share an innovative way to use this new digital content in your classroom and earn 1 point.

2 point conversion: Select a specific topic you teach and search Discovery Education for one recently added media asset about that topic. Demonstrate the power of teaching with digital media by passing along 2 different ways to differentiate classroom instruction using that single media asset.

Kick a Field Goal: Use “My Content” to build an upcoming unit and earn 3 points.  Fill the folder with 3 different media assets (i.e., theme page, image, song, encyclopedia article, video segment, skill builder, game).  Don’t forget to use the curriculum standards search for standards-based curriculum alignment.

Make a 50-yard pass: A successful pass requires collaborating with the DEN team. Earn 4 points for being a current STAR or becoming a new STAR.

Call a huddle: 5 points for hosting an event (sharing with 3+ people), learning together, and motivating others to change the way digital media is used in the classroom.

Touchdown: 6 points for recruiting a new STAR Discovery Educator onto the DEN team.


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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Lindsay, I am confused with the form. Do you have to wait and enter all at once. I know your post says, “start reporting points today,” but I’m afraid if I enter some info, I won’t be able to get back to the form to enter more points as I earn them.

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