Hurricanes? Politics? Stock Market?

How many of your students watch, listen, or read about important events happening in the United States and the world? If they are like my students and my children, knowledge of current events is extremely limited. Flocabulary is a great tool to use in your classroom to quickly review the week’s happenings through The Week in Rap. The Week in Rap is published every Friday. It only takes a couple of minutes to watch the rap. Teacher materials are provided to assess how well students have listened, to investigate the topics further, and additional lesson plan ideas. Choose to use Flocabulary’s materials or just have a good discussion.

In addition to The Week in Rap, Flocabulary also has raps to help in all content areas. All my students easily learn and remember the elements of a short story because they learn it through a Flocabulary rap. Last year Flocabulary’s Week in Rap was free, but this year they are offering a free trial. Check out their web site and sign up for your Free Trial.



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