Global Corporate Challenge Update

About 15 weeks ago, 7 Discovery Education employees formed “Team Stream” to compete in the Global Corporate Challenge.  In summary, the GCC consists of the team tracking each of their steps with use of a pedometer and together trying to get the most steps and travel the furthest on the virtual map.

We started out enthusiastic but slowly turned apathetic, as our team stats depict:

Step average of 9,774/day

Total distance walked 2,946 km

Overall Rank : 15,362 out of 18,200 teams in the entire GCC.

Discovery Rank : 252 out of the 375 teams in our company.

Although, we are not ranked high, we are not last (which is something we are still proud of)!  About 1,830 miles walked and 4,603,910 steps collectively, is still something to be proud of. Gooooo team!







Team Stream has only a few weeks left to redeem ourselves and get those steps in! Wish us luck!



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