What WILL school look like in 10 years?

As parents, politicians, and pundits weigh in on what is best for our education system, it is important to think about the future. That just so happens to be the focus of this short article from this weekend’s NY Times. You can read and hear the viewpoints from some key people in the field of education. After you check it out, leave a comment here to let me know what you think school will look like in 10 years.


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  1. Debbie Steyaert said:

    Technological advances have catapulted our students into a rapid paced, multitasking, and hypersocial paradygm that is likely to change the face of public high school. I have noticed that students are far more interested in texting friends, surfing the web to feed their “on a need to know” appetite. I’m wondering if we should be re-evaluating the delivery of high school curriculum and whether or not we are serving the lions share of students in the traditional methods that we have been using for so long.

    • Max said:

      Your observations are spot-on. So what do you think are the best non-traditional strategies for us (educators) to use in order to “feed their need” to know Shakespeare or Calculus or any other subject? Is technology the only way and if so, how do we key in on the best and most efficient technological tools?

      • Debbie Steyaert said:

        The key here is to learn from our constituents. Of course we must consider the developmental level of our student populations, their capacity for making complex interpretation of information, and their cultural perspectives before developing a finite plan. How about helping students to present what they know in a useful portfolio that can be carried forward with them as they proceed into career pathways and interests.

  2. Academic Writers said:

    I can’t even imagine how the school would look in 10 years. but I believe like things are all changing to online, in future education might be provided online as well. digital exams and online classes. somehow it looks logical for future.

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