Thinking about the value of technology rich learning opportunities for all learners

Sometimes we think we need to fight through a problem or an issue

Sometimes we are almost compelled to ‘not be swayed’ by the thoughts of others

Sometimes we are not able to see the value of the thinking of others

We need to get good at arriving at ‘thought through’ not ‘fought through’ outcomes

Adults who think interdependently are willing to connect with others while sorting out and developing their own individual thinking.  They are willing to be effected by the thinking of others as their own thinking takes form.  To think interdependently one must to engage, directly or indirectly, with others who are sharing and/or developing their thinking while your own thinking is emerging and forming.  Thinking interdependently, at its best, is a process and a developmental journey not an event.

Reflecting on a career of formal and informal experiences in working with adults has humbled me.  Thinking interdependently competes with many existing thinking habits that are ingrained in to behavior of adults.  The challenges that adults face in today’s schools will benefit from people who are willing to think interdependently in interest of serving the common good.

As educators we face the challenge of connecting with each and every learner we serve.  Meeting this challenge is not easy nor is it common place.  Yet, it is the mission of today’s schools.  Among the levers that may help to accomplish this are:

technology rich learning opportunities for students and staff, and

the potential positive outcomes of adults thinking together in service of all students and their learning.


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