Back to School: Bulk Import, Providing your Students and Teachers access to DE

We’re going to start our Back to School series with a more in depth look into our newest feature for DE admins, the Bulk Import/Update Classes tool.  This tool can be used to provide your students and teachers access to Discovery Education Streaming as well as to assign them to classes you have created.

Creating Users

Select the Create Rosters tab and download the template for students or teachers.  Most streaming customers will use the Basic template.  The Advanced template  is encouraged for assessment users and sample import questions can be addressed by the support team or by contacting our assessment team directly (1-866-814-6685).

The required fields, Site Passcode, Account Name, and Site Name are automatically populated with your specific District and School’s information.  These 3 columns will determine where the username is created.  Multiple schools can be created on the same spreadsheet. The customer generated Username, Password and Archive Flag are also required fields.

Creating Class Lists

This will enable you to create classes on the site level for all teachers within that site to access.  Select the Class Template to begin and fill out the required fields; Class Name the name displayed to the Teacher; Class ID, unique to each site and Customer-generated Unique ID for each class within a site; and Archive Flag.

Creating Class Rosters

The Class Roster import combines the Teacher and Student usernames with the Classes that were previously created.  You must have created the Usernames and Classes before you can use this import.

The roster associates existing student usernames with the existing Class ID.  Remove Flag will remove from class not archive the student account.  The Remove Flag field accepts Y and N,  Y will enroll users in class and N will remove the user.

Update Rosters

Existing users, classes or class rosters can be updated using last year’s information and with the same template for creating users, class lists and rosters.  This can be useful with a change in grade from year to year and to update classes.  Simply,  pull the existing Class List for the Site(s) you wish to update.

Import Status

Once you have uploaded your spreadsheet, it will be validated to ensure that all required fields and formats are complete.  In approximately two hours, you will be notified via email of any rows with errors that will not be imported.  You can edit these rows and resubmit for validation until your spreadsheet is error-free.  The overall import process occurs overnight (generally it takes 24 hours).   Once complete, you will be emailed with a confirmation of the number of records successfully imported.  Now you’re ready for your teachers to start designating assignments to your students!

Stayed tuned for more Back to School tips!


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