Favorite Things: Scoop.it

When I was in Jr. high school, (yes, it was call Jr. high then) I was a library helper (cough… nerd) at school AND a volunteer at The Museum. I obviously like to curate things. I call it curate; some folks call it collect. My husband calls it hoarding. Fortunately for our household, I have given up most of my collections of physical items for digital collections. Our iTunes library exceeds 16,000 songs. I listen to about 4 of them. I just like to have them and be able to listen to them if I want. It’s the same thing with websites and web 2.0 tools for me. I love having access to a lot of them just in case I want to use them or share them. I’m a curator, a keeper of things. Scoop.it is my current favorite way to curate and share weblinks. I used to create a MultiURL with all of the links related to a presentation I did. It works fine, but it isn’t snazzy. I have used LiveBinders too (probably a future Favorite Things post). The thing that got me hooked on Scoop.it though is that it creates a cool looking newspaper like page. It will automatically try to find an image and description, or you can add your own.

Then one day, I linked to a SlideShare presentation. Scoop.it embedded the presentation right into the page. It plays right there. The same thing happened when I added a link to a Prezi… AND a YouTube video! Seriously. And THAT is what moved Scoop.it from curated tool that I might share, to one of my Favorite Things. Here’s an example of how I have used it with a presentation embedded.

Scoop.it is still in beta, so you might have to sign up and wait a bit for an invite. We were able to snag invites for all STAR Discovery Educators during Teacher Appreciation Week this year. (Another reason why keeping your STAR status intact is so important!)

Do you have a favorite tool that you use with Discovery Education that you’d like featured on the DEN blogs? Tell us about it!



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