Back to School: Top 10 Bulk Upload Questions

Are you getting ready to attack the task of doing a Bulk Import/Update Classes? Here are some user friendly TIPS to help you succeed!

1. How do I contact Assessments directly?

The direct number for Assessment Support is (866) 814-6685.

2. Which Student Template  should I use? Basic or Advanced?

In most cases, streaming users can use the Basic Student Template and Assessment users can use the Advanced Student Template.

3. Do I have to fill in all columns on spreadsheet?

The required columns for EACH student/teacher are:

    • Site Passcode
    • Account Name
    • Site Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Username
    • Password
    • Archive Flag

The optional columns for EACH student/teacher are:

    • Middle Initial
    • Student ID
    • Student Grade (highly recommended)
    • Parent Email

*WARNING!– Do NOT delete the headings for optional columns you choose not to use! This will cause your upload to be rejected. You must leave the heading, even if you choose not to fill in the column.

4. Do I have to put the Site Passcode, Account Name, and Site Name for every student?

YES! These rows must be filled in for every student/teacher on the upload.

*Quick Tip – To add the Site Passcode for every student/teacher at once. Follow these steps:

  •  Copy the Discovery generated site passcode cell for your school (A2).
  •  Highlight all cells below (beginning with A3).
  •  Paste passcode to all cells and make sure they are all the same code.

*Quick Tip – To add the Account Name and Site Name for every student/teacher at once. Follow these steps:

  • Left click on the Account Name (B2) or Site Name (C2) once. A black line should outline the selected field.
  • Left click and hold the little black square at the bottom right corner of the selected field.
  • Drag cursor down for all students/teachers.
  • Release mouse button, and the Account Name or Site Name should appear for all boxes included in drag.

5. What is the Archive Flag Field?

  • When a student/teacher is archived, they still have a Discovery Education account; however, it is no longer active/associated with a particular school/district.
  • The archive flag field should be marked “N” (no) for students/teachers currently active at your school/district. It should be marked “Y” (yes) for students/teachers who are no longer with your school/district.

6. What symbols are accepted for username/passcodes?

  • The only acceptable characters for the Username and Passcode are letters, numbers, periods, underscores, and the @ symbol.

 7. How long must a username and/or password be?

  • Username: at least 6 characters
  • Password: at least 5 characters

8. Bulk Upload is being rejected because of errors.  How do I view my errors?

To View your errors, follow the steps below:

  1. Click “My Admin” in the top right corner of the page. 
  2. Select “Bulk Update/Import Classes” under the “Classroom Management Tools” section located in the gray column to the left of screen. 
  3. Select “Import Status” tab. 
  4. Look under the “Actions” column and select “View Errors”
  5. Open the file by clicking “OK” 
  6. Look under “Column M” to view your error messages. You might see things like invalid symbol, invalid password or invalid username.

9. I have corrected all of my errors, but my upload is still failing!

Once you have corrected your errors, you have to make sure to delete the error message column, “M,” including the heading.

10. What type of file can I save my spreadsheet as?

Spreadsheets MUST be saved as a “.csv” file. Other file types such as “.xls”, “.xlsx”, etc. will NOT work.