South Florida DEN Event Was A Great Success!

South FL DEN Event, Duffy'sSouth Florida held a Back to School Event at Duffy’s Sports Grill in Boca Raton. It was a huge success with over 20 educators attending. Several educators who were not previously DEN Stars, have now learned all about the DEN network and become DEN stars.
We discussed how DEN is such a wonderful community for educators to share and to learn. Everyone who attended were excited to go back to their schools and share the information with their colleagues. We were thrilled to have Kyle visit us and give us all an overview of all the new and wonderful resources that Discovery Streaming now has to offer.
The educators were particularly interested in setting up student accounts which we hope to do a session on at our virtual conference. We are currently searching for a school to host the October 22nd Virtual Conference. Other fabulous upcoming events were also discussed such as the DEN Streaming event and the Back to School webinars.

By Amy Espinola


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