Twitter in The Classroom?

I recently saw a blog post comparing how educators use Twitter both professionally and personally.   The blog references a survey that was delivered to CoSN 2010 participants.  The survey explored two aspects of Twitter in K-12 education: educators’ personal use of Twitter and school system use of Twitter.

There were two things that I found really interesting

  1. “More than half of respondents (57 percent) reported their school or district had a Twitter account, but only 8 percent said their organization published regular updates.”
  2. Even though more than half of the educators who responded (53%) said that they have their own personal Twitter accounts but don’t really use it citing “a lack of time, and the belief that other forms of communication were more effective.”

This got me thinking.  I stated to wonder if Twitter could used as a true communication device in school vs a way to just blast out information.  And if it was truly being used as communication device – would be people (other educators or students) be listening?

So I need your help.  I put together a short – very non-scientific – five question survey to dive a little deeper and perhaps even start a conversation around Twitter and its use in a k-12 universe.  Please take a few minutes to answer the questions.  Thank you! I will share the results with you all in a future blog post!

If the survey doesn’t populate below – try using this link –


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  1. Bruce Isabelle said:

    Yes i have many friends, who use twitter in the classes and get updates about different stories, i use my self i also have own twitter account as well…. Its a big fever

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