From Good to Great and Beyond

Image is being hosted on Amazon's book website. As an educator, I am always asking, “How can I improve myself?” as well as “What successful methods are out there and can be applied to education?” In searching for answers, I read Jim Collins’ book Good to Great as part of an administrator’s book share. I highly recommend this as an excellent resource for those looking to find methods used in the business world in taking the next step and being successful in the business world. Here is a quote from Amazon as part of their book description:

The findings of the Good to Great study will surprise many readers and shed light on virtually every area of management strategy and practice. The findings include:

  • Level 5 Leaders: The research team was shocked to discover the type of leadership required to achieve greatness.
  • The Hedgehog Concept: (Simplicity within the Three Circles): To go from good to great requires transcending the curse of competence.
  • A Culture of Discipline: When you combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, you get the magical alchemy of great results. Technology Accelerators: Good-to-great companies think differently about the role of technology.
  • The Flywheel and the Doom Loop: Those who launch radical change programs and wrenching restructurings will almost certainly fail to make the leap.

In reflecting upon this book I began thinking of two amazing ladies and their passion to succeed all while providing educators the opportunity to share, collaborate, and permit students to create. These two ladies are Tina Schneider and Barbara Tallent of LiveBinders. Tina and Barbara are always listening to their users and communicating with educators globally on what enhancements would best suite classroom needs. In using LiveBinders for the past two years I have seen it grow and improve by leaps and bounds. In this post I will provide some insight ito those improvements which exemplify the progress of Tina and Barabara’s path from “Good to Greatness”.

In the following screencast I will be walking you through three of the newest enhancements to LiveBinders. Those enhancements focus on the creation of a book shelf, subtab imagery, and an extremely powerful text editor.

As mentioned in the video, you can establish your own “Favorites shelf” to store those binders created by other great minds. However, I did not demonstrate the process in adding binders to your new shelf. The following two images will illustrate the process of adding binders. In this first illustration, you will look for the “Options” button located below the binder image and details. Now click on the red down arrow. Next locate the “Add to Shelf” option. Once this link is selected users will be asked to select the appropriate shelf for assignment.

As for the second illustration, this is the process for adding a binder to a shelf while it is open for viewing. With a binder open look in the lower left hand corner. Along the bottom, going left to right, find “Add to Shelf”. Click on it and select the appropriate shelf for the current binder within the new window. There you go, two methods of adding a different users LiveBinder to your own shelf for future reference.

In all, educators should always be looking to improve themselves regardless of receiving raises, being honored by other educators or organizations. After all are we not here for the students? I challenge each and everyone of you to set a goal of moving from “Good to Great!”


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