Games and Interactives in the STEM Classroom (Part 1)

Toss out those old worksheets and engage your students in exploring STEM content with games and interactives! I will feature several games and interactive simulations that help bring science concepts to life for students in a series of blog posts on games and simulations for the STEM classroom. Use the featured sites in your classroom, and let me know what you think! You can provide feedback by responding to this post, or emailing me at I look forward to hearing about how these games and simulations help your students learn.

Practice finding significant figures, using scientific notation, balancing chemical equations and much more with this fun and interactive educational gaming site!

This site makes math and science problem solving fun!








Engage your students with  this interactive on the water cycle from Discovery Education. Bring biogeochemical processes to light for students with science simulations and interactives from Discovery Education!



  1. Jame said:

    These games would defintely help my students. Please keep the page updated with more games.

  2. Linda Brandon said:

    I would like to register my 6 periods of 8th graders for the chemistry games and others. There is a possibility that my Science Fair and G.A.T.E. monies may be reisnstated in which case I would be teaching and additional 6-8th integrated science program. Thank You
    Linda Brandon Science Teacher
    Greenfield Middle School
    Bakersfield Ca 93307 661-837-6110

  3. Linda Brandon said:

    I would like to use the STEMS chemistry games for my 6 classes.
    I would like to register as a teacher.
    Linda Brandon Science Teacher(661-837-6110)
    Greenfield Middle School
    1109 Pacheco Road
    Bakersfield CA 93307

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