Back to School: Additional Import Resources

We hope you have enjoyed our focus on the Bulk Import tool.  If you still have a few questions, feel free to use the links to the User Guides and a few tips to help you along the way!

User Guides:

Create Teacher Accounts

Create Student Accounts

Create Class Lists

Create Class Rosters


  • All usernames in the Discovery Education database need to be unique.  We recommend using an email address for teachers, e.g.  Student usernames should have a unique school identifier at the beginning or end to avoid the username already being taken in the database. Even using just a student ID number will not guarantee the username will not already be taken.  e.g.  JohnSmith_AMS, 123456CHS, 123456_Wildcats.


  • Usernames must be at least 6 characters long.  Passwords must be at least 5 characters long. Passwords are not case sensitive.


  • Avoid using any special characters, e.g. commas, hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc, within the First Name, Last Name, Username, and Password columns.  Use of commas in any cell will cause the import to fail.  Please note that when copying information from another program, hidden characters may be present.


  • Do not change, rename, or delete the column headers from the template, even if the optional columns are not filled out.


  • Copy and paste the Site Passcode, Account Name, and Site Name that populated for your specific account for each entry.  If you have multiple schools on a single spreadsheet, then delete the populated entries that you do not wish to use.

As always feel free to contact us!