Dolphin Tale, Science and Discovery Education

With the upcoming release of Dolphin Tale I expect many students will gain an increased curiosity around these amazing mammals.  This is a great time to explore amazing content from Discovery Education’s Science Techbook.  You can use the Rollin’ Down the River reading passage to have students learn about the differences between freshwater and saltwater dolphins.  You can also talk to your students about current research in the study of dolphins.  For example, did you know that a new species of dolphin was just discovered this year.  Check out the latest news on this find.  After reading about the new discovery your students might be interested in learning more about the bottlenose dolphins or about how dolphins are great problem solvers.   Enjoy building on your student’s interests.


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  1. Maryjo said:

    When you are in the Tampa/Clearwater area be sure to visit Winter at the Clearwater Water Aquarium. It is a wonderful place to expand your knowledge & love of the oceans.

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