DEN Day of Discovery at Biltmore

Thanks to Dianne Ripollone for sharing about her DOD experience!

The day started with Kyle Schutt welcoming attendees to a day of learning and “discovery”. Pumping the crowd up Kyle introduced Brad Fountain. Brad Fountain introduced the new Techbook for North Carolina, an online textbook. After Brad, Matt Monjan introduced the 9-11 website with a very emotional trailer. He continued to introduce other new features that had been added to the Discovery resources.

After the introduction and welcome, we broke out into our various sessions. Two of the learning sessions available; “21 Ways to Engage Today’s Learners with Discovery Education” and “Learning In Class, Out of Class, Anywhere with Discovery Education”.

Jamie LaForgia introduced everyone to the new builder tools and student center. She gave a great explanation about the new assignment area and how teachers could utilize the full capability of the assignment builder area. An excellent question was asked by one of the attendees, “can people access these tools for free?”

We all know tough times are upon us and districts/schools might be cutting back on different tools, Discovery subscription might be one of them. I thought this question was important and members of DEN and Discovery need to know that some of these services are free. Teachers can still access them without having a subscription. For instance, a teacher can still take advantage of the quiz builder and assign a quiz to students using a url, if they don’t have a class uploaded.

The next Teryle Magee introduced everyone to some of the features in the streaming component of Discovery. She posted some interesting resources; Blooms Digital Taxonomy andGardner’s 8 Multiple Intelligences. By the end of the day we had been treated to some great resources and examples of their uses. Some of them appear below: This is a polling site you can use with phones, etc.– Can be used to introduce topics with words, you really need to check the website out to understand its uses. Another site is . Try them both!– A website used for a“free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a Web browser” Brainstorming website used for concept mapping.

Another session involved Kyle Schutt with QR Codes. Using Queue Codes for smart phones, iPhones or even desktops can enhance information for students in the classes. Read more about it at Live Binders. I’ve already started thinking about ways to use the QR Codes in class for a GPS scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless!!

Overall the whole conference was very informative and fun, especially experiencing the conference on the grounds of the Biltmore! Lunch on the veranda was amazing, a beautiful day all around!