Comic Strips for Reluctant Writers

 One of my favorite blogs is “Free Technology for Teachers” by Mark Byrne.  Everyday he shares an interesting tool or classroom resource. He also explains how the tool may be useful in an educational setting. For example, today (9/21) there is a 5-minute video posted explaining the Aurora Borealis and vocabulary building resources and widgets.

 While perusing other links, I saw one of his posts that contained many free web tools to create comic strips and cartoons.  I recently worked with one of our high school English teachers who wanted to hook students in her introduction to the Odyssey. She had great success using a cartoon creator tool. It is also a great way to get reluctant writers writing and developing an understanding of the elements of fiction. Therefore, I thought I would share this list of resources provided by Mark. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the blog post for additional resources such as: 20 Ways to Use Comics in Your Classroom and More than 100 Editorial Cartoon Lesson Plans.




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