No VirtCon event in your area? Organize your own!

We already have 15 different VirtCon events being organized by our Leadership Councils, but what if there isn’t one in your neck of the woods?

Organize your own!

We just set up a page on MeetUp which will allow you to create a local VirtCon event for yourself, your friends and colleagues.  Just visit the page, and create an event there for October 22nd.  Suggest a location and then other people will be able to raise their hand and say that they want in.

While everyone loves attending the VirtCon in their pajamas, there’s nothing quite like the buzz you get from participating in a phenomenal PD session face to face with other DEN members.  And YES, of organizing a get together like this will most definitely count as one of your events to maintain your STAR status for 2011-2012!  And rumor has it, there just might be some prizes involved as well…  The overarching theme is once again Tech or Treat, so costumes are optional but encouraged.

Be a leader in your own community, start organizing your local VirtCon event today!


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  1. Debbie Teaney said:


    Are SB-CEUs available for those who attend the virtual fall conference?


    • Porter Palmer said:

      We offer a certificate of attendance that you can use to request professional development credits through your district.

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