Back to School: New Content Coming Soon!

Looking for upcoming content for Discovery Education? Here is a list of a few great new titles and brief descriptions that you can use in the classroom to engage your students!

Fantastic Festivals of the World: Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Chinese festivals occur according to the lunar calendar. The first and the “mother of all celebrations” is the Chinese New Year. Families get together for joyous meals, and people bring gifts to their gods in busy shrines. The whole city is dressed in gold and red, the colors of good fortune. At night, skyscrapers are lit up with impressive neon light displays. We see what’s cooking for the New Year’s big meal and how one local family celebrates in their home. The New Year’s parade is what everybody waits for. With groups from all over the world, the costumes, music and dances are nothing but spectacular!

Fantastic Festivals of the World: Hong Kong Dragon Boat

Witness the amazing teamwork, skill, beauty and tradition of one of the world’s fastest growing sports – Dragon Boat Racing.  We journey to the heart of Hong Kong, where ancient tradition and the modern world come together for a celebration of fierce boat racing at the iconic Victoria Harbor.  Discover how water touches every part of life here and the powerful role of the dragon.  Learn the history of dragon boats and meet the world’s most enthusiastic paddlers.

MyPlate – Guidelines for Healthy Living

The USDA has unveiled new nutrition guidlines, in the form of an icon known as MyPlate, a departure from MyPyramid. MyPlate is a quick visual reference that illustrates a balanced diet.



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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    I am so excited about this new content. Our Mandarin Chinese teacher in our middle school already does a lot with including Chinese New Year traditions into her projects with the students, so this content will be an added bonus. I am sure our health teacher will appreciate the Guidelines for Healthy Living additions.

    One question – right now most of the wonderful children’s book videos from Weston Woods only show up in a teacher search. If licensing permits, these would be a great addition to the student search so they could share these books with younger siblings. It’s a thought.

    • Emily Engelman said:

      Hi Carolyn – Thanks so much for commenting.

      As you mentioned, occasionally there will be differences in the teacher and student content, most likely this is due to licensing or content limitations.

      For any feedback, always feel free to email

      Let’s us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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