Top 10 List of my One-to-One Computing classroom

It still really has not sunk in yet but I have a one-to-one computing classroom. When I checked into my room at the start of the year I found a laptop cart in there. Even though they are half as old as my students, most don’t hold any charge at all, and just able to pick up the wireless signal in the next room I have pressed them into service. To keep myself sane as I do this here is my top 10 list for 0ne-to-one computing in my room.

10-make sure that the cart works to charge the laptops. (mine works on one side)

9-see which laptops hold a charge before passing them out to be used (most of mine don’t)

8-get enough power strips to plug the laptops in ( I gathered 6)

7-label those that show the blue screen of death or whatever ills it so I don’t keep passing those out

6-reconfigure the room and desks at least 3 times before you find an effective layout for students to see IWB, and run cords out of the way

5- make log-in cards (student log-in info) before hand and make sure they work

4- plan on taking one session on how to log into the laptop, RenPlace, DE, Kerpoof, etc.

3-plan on channeling MacGyver when running the cords, powerstrips, etc.

2-Buy an industrial sized package of zip-ties (for securing the cords and strips to the desks

1-don’t get overwhelmed by all the “Can we get on the computers today? Are we going on the computers? When are we getting on the computers?”