Michigan Superintendents and Front Line Assistants Jump into iPad Use

The Michigan Association of School Administrators collaborated with the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District, Wayne Regional Educational Service Area and the Michigan Department of Education through the Regional Data Initiative (RDI) to offer a RDI Mobile Technology Bundle to member superintendents and front line assistants across the state of Michigan.

Kindergarteners and Second Graders from the Ludington, Michigan schools came to encourage and support the superintendents and front line assistants in their use of iPads.

Superintendents receiving the iPads they purchased at the Michigan Association of School Administrators Fall Conference in September of 2011.

Superintendents explained how they are using iPads in their day to day work for many purposes including accessing data, keeping in touch with others, for evaluation and many other purposes.

Launching superintendents and front line assistants with their new iPads was both exciting and transformative.

Apple representatives were there to help the superintendents and front line assistants to get used to using the iPads.

These Ludington students are engrossed in the iPads and the learning moble technology offers.

The main goals of this initiative were to provide up to 300 members with portable, Apple iPad 2 mobile devices to:

  • Facilitate their communication with their district staff
  • Provide experiences with the use of real-time data in the decision-making process
  • Promote interdistrict, superintendent level, collaboration and problem solving on a variety of educational issues and problems
  • Make possible ongoing professional development activities and sharing of current educational research information
  • Allow superintendents to be at the vanguard of technology leadership; and
  • Model innovative uses of technology and empower educators, parents, students, and the community with technology solutions.





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