Adults – educators and others, need to help today’s students embrace complexity

Employees Wanted . . . that can combine software, art, math, creativity, writing, gaming, education, composing, and marketing

Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum the authors of That Used To Be Us, 2011 p.70 -71 make the case for how fast and dramatically the world of work can change.  They explain that it is clear “that a multi-billion-dollar come-out-of-nowhere “apps”  industry is upon us. Apple released the iPhone in June 2007 and the iPad in April 2010. Additionally, we have Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Marketplace, BlackBerry App World and more opportunities for app’s to be used.

In 2011 a report produced by Forrester Research estimated that the revenue generated through the sales of smart phone and tablet applications will reach $38 billion annually by 2015. Think of that: an industry that did not exist in 2006 will be generating $38 billion in revenues within a decade, with a slew of new online stores.

The potential for individuals today to globalize their talents, hobbies, and passions into applications with a worldwide market is without precedent in history and unbounded in potential.

That’s the good news. It also leads to a reality that’s this emerging apps industry will be looking for a special kind of talent. People who can combine their software skills with art, math, creativity, writing, gaming, education, composing and marketing will be the employees or the creators who will capture this market. In other words, it requires combining the skills of MIT, MTV these skills, and Madison Avenue. These skills, in turn, require alot more training and creativity and just writing software code.”

As a citizen of America, an educator, and a grandparent, I am hopeful that we are getting the message: the future will embrace people who have many skills and abilities and can combine software skills with art, math, creativity, writing, gaming, education, composing and marketing have a future waiting.

Are our families, communities and schools helping students to combine and integrate their learning in practical and potentially productive ways that will help them to meet the demands of the future?

I think we all have to help each other embrace the future.  Our children and grand children are worth it!


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