New Stuff

Apple said it wouldn’t be available until Oct 12, just after midnight, Tuesday, which is the absolute beginning of Wednesday, the 12th. Don’t you hate waiting for operating system updates? Maybe they meant Pacific time, that’s 3 AM our time. Dunkin still open?

Whenever, it’s gonna be huge for iPad, iPhone, and Touch; maybe 200 new features, all free. 

10:45, come on!
What a week:
• New iPhone 4S (70% faster, better camera, and voice recognition built in)
• Steve’s sudden death (now there was a guy who made science relevant to millions)
• iCloud storage with a wireless online locker for all your data, also free. 
•And now iOS 5, iMessage texting on the iPad, and no more sync cables, or waiting like this. 

Arhhhh, 10:59!
• a flurry of updates. In the last hour: iTunes, then 12 apps, and 6 more after that including DE’s Discovery app. Everyone’s positioning for the new. It’ll be nice when these things auto-update without asking first. Seems like the least a computer can do. 
Oops, 2 more app-dates. 

11:09! It’s gonna be a long night. Is anyone still out there?


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