Seasonal Science Streaming

Every month the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK Implementation team will be on location in the classroom and connecting hands on activities to digital content in the SCIENCE TECHBOOK.

We will broadcast live for classrooms that use the SCIENCE TECHBOOK to observe and be a part of the lesson. The first of the series occurred in September. Brad Fountain conducted a lesson on Chemical Reactions with Ms. Aulakh’s 6th grade science class in Brevard County, Florida. View the recorded session of our September Seasonal Science Streaming lesson in the classroom here.

A week prior to the Seasonal Science Streaming event, teachers were able to log into a webinar that included detailed information on the lesson. Every month teachers will have the opportunity to attend a preparation webinar the week prior to the live event.  Click here to access the wikispaces link for detailed information about the lesson.

The webinar also provided teachers the opportunity to ask questions and share with each other ideas around the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK.


Discovery Education sends a special thanks to Ms. Aulakh and her 6th grade science class for participating.  We also thank all of the classes who joined our first Seasonal Science Streaming session live.

Join us next month for our upcoming and exciting Seasonal Science Streaming in October.


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