Looking for ‘Treats’…

trick or treat?
Image Source: Flickr.com janineomg

I’m SUPER PSYCHED to be part of the Virtual Conference this year.  I’ll be presenting at 10 a.m. (EST), so set those alarm clocks!

My session is titled, ‘No Tricks, Just Treats’ and I’ll be featuring goodies from my tech bag.  And since one of DEN’s mottos is, ‘We Are Our Own Best Resources’ I thought I would reach out to my DEN family near and far to see if you’d be willing to throw a ‘treat’ into my bag.

If there’s a quick trick (or a little-known treat) you have for using any of the resources in the DEN, please consider posting a comment below.  I’d like to highlight a few in my ‘bag’ on October 22nd.

Thanks….and see you at ‘Tech or Treat‘ on October 22nd! (cackle, cackle)




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  1. Steve Dembo said:

    Looking forward to your session! The social media team has been collecting and sharing #TechTreats this month, so swing by Twitter, search for that hashtag, and you can see the ideas that they shared!

  2. nsharoff said:

    Thanks Steve! And I’m one step ahead of you — I’ve noticed that hashtag and those are some AWESOME tips being shared (but then again, I would expect no less from those in the DEN family).

    I’m excited about the Virt Con as well, and have my costume all ready….oh….wait….I’ll be sharing my desktop, not my webcam…..hmmmm….I’ll have to think something up

  3. Neene said:

    Hehehe Nancy, make a photo of you in your costume your desktop wallpaper… Kill 2 birds with one stone lol 😉 Can’t wait to learn more tech tricks from you.

  4. Pam said:

    I cannot attend this session but I’m really interested in the topic. Will this be available to watch at a later date/time?

  5. nsharoff said:

    Hi Pam,

    I’m sorry to hear that you will not be able to attend the session. Yes, the presentation will be archived. I would imagine that by the end of the week all the session from the Virtual Conference will probably be online.


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