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12:01 PM
It’s official. You can start to download iOS 5 promptly at “18:00:00 BST”, according to a British website (no one else knew). Once we sleuth what BST means, we’ll continue. (Don’t you just hate help that makes things worse?) While you say you got the BS part, BST actually stands for British Summer Time, (thanks Wikipedia)– London’s time zone right now. 18:00:00 BST is 2:00 PM EST (thanks again, Wikipedia).

2:00 PM – EST
Downloading can begin and takes about an hour. I’ve 10 minutes to go.

2:45 PM – EST
Download’s done. Now the updates are loaded. 

3:00 PM – EST
Now Apps are reinstalled.

3:15 PM – EST; ETA who knows?
Now 6 more steps to sync music and video. This proceeds and then iTunes bows out.
3:20 PM – OMG!
The iPad’s screen is now completely black and no clue what to do. Fingers crossed I restart the iPad (it’s ok), and it tells you: 3 MORE steps: agree, decline, and sync.

3:30 PM – EST
DONE! This is not your old iPad anymore, and it’s way past midnight.


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  1. Dean Mantz said:

    I am glad it went well for you. I had it fail on 2 of 3 iPad2 devices. Thus, I held off updating the other 23 devices.

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