New Stuff? (addendum)

3:00 AM
Still clicking the Update button to get iOS 5 (this might be a dream) and the message states, “This version of the iPad software (4.3.5) is the current version”! So much for Pacific time. 
9:26 AM
Still waiting for the iOS 5 update. It was a long night. Big article in the NYTimes today touting the 4 killer features, split keyboard, new Calendar views, … Somehow reading the paper doesn’t help, even if you’re reading it on the iPad app. 

9:50 Updates
A few more app updates just rolled in, and a couple of new offerings popped up in email, like Geometer’s Sketchpad (called SketchPad Explorer) and unbelievably VoiceThread. Both free. Wow!
Teachers will love how VoiceThread’s puts those (2) cameras to good use on the iPad (check it out at VoiceThread) not to mention links to DE videos, and now everyone can get physical with arguably one of the best programs for mastering Geometry (formerly $80). 

10:00 AM
A little more updating for those new apps. 
Can’t wait to cut this cord!
Hey, it’s contacting the Server!! 
Long pause, “This version of the iPad software (4.3.5) is the current version.” 
I guess we can wait until the 14th when the new iPhone arrives, at midnight, on the 13th?! Let’s see, what day is it?


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