Why you should attend DEN’s Fall VirtCon

In one week, we will host the DEN’s annual Fall Virtual Conference for educators from all around the world.  Our virtual conferences (fall, spring and SCIcon) are a blast, and we all learn so much as a community.  And, they are very well attended.  But, I always wonder why we don’t have every single educator on the planet attending.  So, putting on my best marketing hat, I am going to try and convince at least one more person to attend next Saturday, October 22, 2011.

Why should I attend the DEN’s Fall Virtual Conference?

1. Free professional development from some of the most talented educators around – three DEN gurus, Joe Brennan and Wes Fryer.  Check out the list of sessions for yourself.

2. Digital Storytelling is our focus.  No matter what grade level or subject area(s) you teach, digital storytelling has the power to transform your instruction by engaging and inspiring your students to see the value in the writing process.  It brings literacy skills into focus across the curricula and still helps you meet those state standards.

3. You can make the day your own.  You can attend one or two sessions virtually from the comfort of your home.  Or, you can hunker down with us for the day.  You can even attend in person at one of the local events our DEN Leadership Councils are hosting.  There really isn’t a good excuse as to why you can’t attend.

4. We’ll help you get credit.  In addition to the intrinsic rewards of learning from your peers so that you can get your students excited about digital storytelling, we’ll give you a certificate so you can provide evidence that you attended.

5.  You’ll make new friends.  Whether you attend in-person or virtually, you’ll be able to network with some amazing people who are learning right alongside you.  What a great way to expand your professional learning network!

6.  Win as you learn!  Or learn as you win.  As we learn how to use tools like PhotoPeach we will be challenging attendees to show what they know in exchange for some awesome prizes.

7.  It’s Tech or Treat!  Who doesn’t have a costume or two in the closet ready for an event like this?  Dress up and you could even win an awesome digital storytelling pack (green screen, flip cam, tripod and more)  from our friends at Collaborize.

So, share this post with your colleagues and tell them to do the same.  I am personally inviting you to attend our Fall VirtCon and join in on the fun.  It’s fun.  It’s free.  It’s community.

Register to attend today.


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  1. Doris Wray said:

    In-person attendance at these events is a real treat!

  2. Patricia Davis, TSLI said:

    Dear Mrs. Wray,
    I am considering this professional development concerning: Digital Storytelling. I would like to attend in person; please provide information for me. Is the location centrally located in the Metro-Detroit area? Thanks for your time, Mrs. Wray!

    Sincerely Yours from,
    Patricia A. Davis, Speech and Language Therapist of
    The Detroit Public Schools District/
    Kettering High and Finney High Schools

  3. Sayra Bryant said:

    I’d really like to attend this session but have another obligation for Saturday. Do you know if it will be repeated?

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