Do You Know About DEStreaming’s Video Options?

Did you know that Discovery Education Streaming has great video options? You can use a whole movie or just the one piece that you need to drive home your point. I had a friend tell me about the series, “The True Story of the Internet” a couple of years ago. This series of movies takes you through the change of our society from a pre-web to post-web world. My students thoroughly enjoy the movies. I made what I call “Movie Tests” that keep kids focused while they are watching and give me an easy assignment to grade. These movies I use in their entirely, but I have a few clips that are helpful as well. Each year my students participate in the Stock Market Game.  There is a short segment in a Bill Nye video on Greatest Inventions that deals specifically with the Stock Market. A lot of my students have had no experience with this subject and the three and a half minutes clip serves as a great introduction to give them an idea of what they will be participating in for a few weeks. I’m sure there must be some topic that Discovery Education hasn’t addressed, but I haven’t found it yet. If it’s been a while since you’ve explored, I dare you to find one. You just might find a gem that will help you reach out to digital natives in the process.

Written by Trudi Lawless, FL DEN


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