Cultural Ingredients Influence any Group’s Adaptability

An organization’s culture is made up of its folklore, it rituals, its group norms, and its meeting protocols.  All of these cultural ingredients influence the organization’s adaptability.  Heifetz , et la: Adaptive Leadership 2009 p 57 ~

Understanding the culture is paramount to being able to help change it for the better. The culture of the: work place, family, civic group, group of hobbyists or social friends influences how change for that group/organization will occur. Being sensitive to culture is paramount for those who wish to bring about change.

Plowing ahead without regard for the history, patterns of operation, and/or accepted truths of an existing group will likely end in having very little influence on the status quo.

Working for change requires being willing to build relationships with others that can withstand the potential tension of transition from the known to the new, even if the change seems minor.

School districts have a culture made up of folklore, ritual, group norms and protocols around technology.  Understanding the district’s culture, folklore and rituals around technology is paramount to being able to help change it for the better!


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