The Science of Changing Seasons

It is autumn. Leaves are changing colors and falling from trees.  This is a great time to engage students in learning about the changing world around them.  There are opportunities to explore the changes in weather and how weather contributes to the change in environment.  Environmental science education helps students to understand the natural wonders around us.  Hands-on activities provide students the opportunity to experience science.

Growing plants, investigating surroundings, and designing models are just a few examples on how the Discovery Education Science Techbook incorporates hands-on labs and activities in science. Be sure to use a hands-on activity in which students get a chance to act out the science of nature. Role-playing activities give students a chance to not only learn about the nature of science but also enjoy all that is has to offer during this time of year.  Include a video or an exploration, so students can perform deeper investigations about the changes they see around them during the changes in season.


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